Sunday, October 14, 2007

You have been missing out!

Everyone on the internet is making money, are you?
There are several ways to make money online. Some require investments, some require time, and others are plain scams. I have searched the internet and looked for the best ways to make money without a credit card or experience of any kind. I have cut through all the filth and gotten the creme of the crop. If you want more proof then check out the proof page.

The sites i recommend are completely free and legitimate! The only thing which you may loose is time, but if you are skeptical then do enough offers to get the minimum pay check(ussually $10) and then watch as the check comes in the mail. It's completely safe and you have nothing to loose.

The sites can be a little overwhelming at first, with so many links and buttons on the site, its hard to see what you are supposed to do. What you are doing is you are completing offers, advitisors spend millions on advertising, so they dont mind dropping 10 thousand on people doing some online offer. Now, what is an offer?? Well, basically its just filling in some info and clicking no a whole bunch. Pretty easy money, but it can be hard to understand at first so I am going to walk you through exactly what you have to do to get the money, and hopefully by that point you will understand it and will be able to do it on your own. Just so you know, I have made over 150 dollars a month on this site, and even at a worst case senerio, it takes no time at all to make 50 bucks. So, sign up on the link below, and then we will start the walk through on how to complete offers.

Realize that you have to give them your phone number because they have an automated message that gives you a PIN number that you use to activate an account (its so they can ensure that no robot programs are making someone money without them being there). Once you activate your account, we can get started (remember once they give you the pin number, they will never call you again).

If you have read this far, I am going to assume that you have now activated your account, so let me start off with telling you some of the great benefits of this site. First, you can get cash back from hundreds of sites, on the navigation bar on the screen, there is a button that says "% back shopping". You get 5% back on sites like walmart (the % value changes for every site). Also, you get something called a sign for every dollar you earn from offers, and when you get enough signs, you can trade about 2000 of them in for a 30 gig ipod video. Those signs are added as an extra bonus, and dont take away from your money (you can also get them turned into money as well). You can look at the prizes for signs on the link on the right of the screen that says "sign rewards". Now, not only do you get signs, you also get loyalty points, which are MORE points that you earn, you can use loyalty points (which you also get 1 per dollar you make) to get even more prizes.

So, I am going to guess that you dont want to use a credit card on any of the offers (there are some offers that will pay you over 40 dollars to use a free trial, and they want your credit card number but you can cancel before the trial is up and you still get your 40 bucks), so you need to do the freebies. In the main bar, go to "freebies". As you can see, there are a lot of options in the drop down, this is because they have everything seperated by the sites these offers are coming from. Go down to "surveys and sweeps" then into "A - E" and then "E-research group". Scroll down a little and you see a list of a few offers from that site. You can see the pay out on them, so lets start. Do not click on "mark as pending" or "submit this offer". Instead, click the link of the offer, you will be brought to a page where it wants some information, fill out that information accurately, and then go the next page. There are two things that will come up now, either full page advertisements, and yes and no questions. On the full page advertisements, there is always a skip button, ALWAYS hit the skip because you dont need to fill out those pages. When you get to the yes and no questions, always hit no on all of them, sometimes at the bottom there is a skip button there for you also, just depends on the offer. Sometimes you will feel like it is repeating, and you are getting nowhere in the offer, but trust me you are getting closer and closer to the end. After a little time spent doing this, you get really fast at doing this. When you are done, you will either get to a page that says "thank you for taking this survey" or "thank you, just complete 2 silver offers to redeem your prize". At that point, you are done. exit that window, and hit the "mark as pending" or type in the email you used and hit "submit this offer" (it depends on what offer it was because they do differ on how you submit them). Sometimes even, there will be zip code submits rather than email submits, but its usually really ovbious when you are supposed to because the name will include (zip code submit).

Thats it! Your offer was now added to pending, and the beauty to this site is that it either confirms or gets declined within a day or 2. The great about that is, I have about a 90% confirmination rate (cant guarentee they will always go through) and compared to other sites where I got a 10% confirmination and where offers would sit 2 weeks pending, it makes dealbarbiepays look EXTREMELY good. So, go ahead and complete as many offers as you can, or atleast get to minimum payout (20 dollars). If you dont reach that amount by the end of the month, it is rolled over to the next month, and so on. If you reach the payout, at the end of the month your money will be processed and you will get your check the following month.

Ok, so now to go back to the daily surveys, since you should understand the system at least a little bit. Go back to fairytaletreasures which should be in your favories (if you added it). Now, if you are scrolled all the way up and logged in, closer to the center bottom of the screen you will see 2 links called "daily opinion survey" and "daily giveusyr2cents survey". Click on either one, it wont matter. Scroll down and you will see a banner, click the banner, a new link will come up. If you are having trouble getting a survey to work, then check the box that says "you are the primary decision maker in your household". Make sure you say you are atleast 21, say that you are white, when they ask if you know anyone or are related to anyone who works at a list of busineses, say none. If they ask you in the last 12 months have you done a survey on certain things, say never. This will improve your rates of getting a survey. Remember, if it says you didnt qualify for the survey, you can keep trying over and over until you get one that you qualify and finish. After you finish it, go back to where you first clicked the banner, if its not still opened. Fill in your username, date and email address, then hit "proceed". In other words, you just put that survey into pending. Now, complete the other daily survey, and you are set!

Continue on to the other links on my navigation bar for tips and tricks on how to get offers to confirm better, and also to see checks of other people's and my own earnings.